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our story.

Carnival Corner was created by two soca addicts and carnival chasers, whose aim is to put the power of carnival back in your hands. 

Ever got annoyed by the song selection in a fete? Or maybe you finally had a year where you didn’t spend forever dealing with costume collection stress at the mas camp? Let your fellow bachannalists know what fetes you suggest avoiding or what band had your road experience feeling ‘bess’. We are providing a platform for masqueraders to objectively dictate the best bands, fetes and carnival experiences around the world. 

Carnival Corner also gives you the chance to let promoters know exactly what you loved or didn’t quite love about your experience at any of their events and provide constructive criticism in an effort to keep the vibes growing year after year.

how it works.

You will be asked a series of questions that fall under the general categories of: organization, music, food/drinks and overall vibes. Give each question a rating of 1-5 stars (5 stars meaning you were very impressed, 1 star meaning you weren’t at all. There is a free response section at the end of the questions for you to get anything off your chest… vent about how awful the experience may have been or let everyone know that they NEED to be in that next year. 

All of your ratings will be averaged to create your overall user score of the event/band. Everyone’s individual user scores are then averaged to give you guys everyone’s overall rating. 

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